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On Thursday, June 8, 2023, and in the presence of the Chief of Defense Forces General Konstantinos Floros and the Deputy Chief of Defense Forces Vice-Admiral Francis Lelouda PN, a briefing was held in the “IOANNIS KAPODISTRIAS” hall for the newly deployed Defense Entourages (AKAM), as well as the Military, Naval and Air Entourages.

The Chief of Defense Forces provided the AKAM with directions and instructions in the context of the execution of their extremely important and sensitive mission, focusing on the points that are the core of the special interest of the Armed Forces (DF) and promote the national interest.

In addition, he referred to the wider geopolitical situation and conditions in the Balkans, the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East as a result of the foci of instability in Syria, Libya, Lebanon and recently in Sudan, noting the leading role of the EDs in the context of the stabilizing role of our country in the wider region.

Concluding his speech, he pointed out to the AKAM that they represent the GEETHA abroad and promote the ED and Greece in general, and therefore they are required to work on the basis of the further deepening of Military Cooperation between allies, friends and partners, for the promotion of the strong role that EDs play in our region and beyond, wishing them success in their new tasks.

Afterwards, the Director of the Military Intelligence Branch, Major General Konstantinos Kolokotronis, briefed AKAM on matters of competence of the Branch.

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