Under extreme secrecy, American commandos cooperated with Cypriot commandos for a month-What’s the reason?

Is a common military force coming (Greece-Israel-Egypt-Cyprus) for all energy projects in the Eastern Mediterranean?

Nothing is accidental (especially the one-month duration) about the special training and cooperation of American Rangers with Cypriot commandos on Cypriot soil.

According to the US administration: “from July 5 to August 5, 2022, US Marine Corps Special Operations forces conducted an exchange of experiences and cooperation with the Army National Guard’s Special Forces Group and the Undersea Disaster Team, expanding their cooperation further to the Eastern Mediterranean”.

The men of this unit of the US Army can be compared in skills and effectiveness even to that of the DELTA force.

American commandos support the missions of larger military units or carry out the execution of objectives on the battlefield themselves.

For a whole month, the USA trained and cooperated with Cypriot commandos and submarine destroyers, with the aim of raising the level of the Cypriot special forces unit, in order to deal with any scheme, especially from the Occupied part of Cyprus.

We should not laugh despite the statements of various government officials and the fake “peace” in our region, since all the indications point to a possible future military crisis in the Eastern Mediterranean with a Turkish finger, and the reason for this is the issue of EEZs (Cyprus-Greece etc.) and hydrocarbon deposits.

It is also known that the USA is eager (in order to have help in the field of security) to create a special joint military force in the Eastern Mediterranean, which will guard the projects under construction (electrical interconnection between Greece-Cyprus-Israel and the transfer of data from S.Arabia in our country and the East Med pipeline) against the Turks and the terrorist organizations (Hezbollah-Hamas-Jihad-ISIS).

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The presence of American commandos and Israelis in Cyprus is another proof that the Turks are said to have been targeted by Israel-USA, but also the entire Arab world (despite the theater for cooperation), except Greece.

No one trusts the Erdogan regime and its neo-Ottoman plans.

For example, the data transfer project from Riyadh to Athens is reportedly “stumbling” on Turkey’s intention to stop any work in an area it illegally considers its EEZ.

The problem with the Turks is that not only has R.T. Erdogan these defiantly outrageous neo-Ottoman dreams of empires and annexations of foreign lands (Blue Homeland etc.), but almost the entire Turkish political world except the Kurds of course.

According to an earlier article in PENTAPOSTAGMA, the issue of Cyprus is again in the news, since the USA reportedly has ambitious plans for the creation of a huge military base.

The Turkish newspaper Yeni Safak reported that “Cyprus, which has been Turkish territory for 450 years, is facing a terrible plan from the other side of the Atlantic that is literally turning everything upside down.

The ultimate goal of the USA, which settled in the Balkans, is to redesign the region by initially increasing its military presence in Crete, while the next step is the creation of military bases both in the Occupied and in the Greek Cypriot side.

The US and countries belonging to its defense axis want to gain strategic control over the rich hydrocarbon deposits in the region, see the Occupied and the Turkish population, which controls 36.6% of the island, as the biggest obstacle to their plans ”, the article concluded among other things.

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Cyprus will become a huge American base from which military operations against Iran will be implemented, while Egypt will be controlled, and the Middle East as far as Saudi Arabia.

If what the Turkish publication reports is true, then the US is preparing to intervene with a “key” island to control the Mediterranean, the Middle East and North Africa, expelling the Turkish forces.

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