UN legitimizes Turkish occupation Army for ‘dead zone’ incidents

No blue-collars on the cease-fire line – They let the Turks do whatever they want.

The UN legitimizes the Turkish occupying Army in the continuous incidents of attacks against Greek Cypriot farmers, even claiming that they cause them!

It is noted that armed Turkish soldiers on Monday expelled a Greek Cypriot farmer from the dead zone in Denia, while he was grazing his sheep, throwing stones at him.

The head of the Denias community said that the local farmer has a license to work in the area.

Turkish soldiers came down from their posts with weapons in hand and asked the Greek Cypriot farmer to leave, threatening him. One soldier even cocked his weapon

Now the UN is coming to assign blame to a Greek Cypriot farmer with its investigation, without citing evidence, for a similar incident to yesterday’s attack by Turkish soldiers that took place in February, in Denia, Cyprus.

Something which, however, is denied by the head of the community of Denia, while the services of the Republic of Cyprus leave clues about the validity of the investigations in question.

According to UN sources contacted by sigmalive.com, the UN investigation into the February incident showed that there was no violation by the Turkish forces and therefore they ask for attention and waiting for the results of the investigation and for the current incident.

“The Turkish forces did not cross the normal ceasefire line. They did not enter the Dead Zone. They remained in the northern part of the island. He was the farmer who came very close to the normal ceasefire line. We request all farmers to follow our instructions so that we avoid such incidents in the future,” the sources said about the previous incident.

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By the term cease-fire line, according to information, is meant the security line, 200 meters away from the advanced cease-fire line, that is, from the Turkish outpost.

However, it remains unclear whether the Greek Cypriot farmer entered the security line or very close to the line, as UNFICYP’s initial explanation also states.

They set the stage for legitimizing attacks

In clarifying question, the answer given was not clear and covered both versions.

While, in Sigma’s second question, on whether – in the event that this is true – it is legal for the occupying army to turn its weapons on farmers, the answer given was that there was a reason for the incident, “the violation by the Greek Cypriot farmer”.

In turn, the Denia community leader reminded Sigma that the February incident was preceded by a provocation by the occupation troops, as they silenced a Turkish breeder, who entered the crops of the Greek Cypriot farmer and destroyed his crops.

And he added that the area is at a distance of more than 200 meters and has been cultivated for at least the last 2-3 years, without any objection from the UN.

Diplomatic sources also expressed objections to the alleged breach. They mentioned, among other things, that the area does not have an exact demarcation, while questioning the verification method that was followed.

In any case, they make it clear that the farmer is an unarmed citizen and cannot know exactly any demarcation. The peacekeeping force’s job is to ensure the safety of civilians, let alone unarmed farmers. Which he failed to do.

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Turkish soldiers are not justified in pointing weapons, despite the operation of legalizing such incidents – because that is what it is about – by UNFICYP.

Dangerous challenge pattern

At the same time, a worrying pattern of actions is being observed, with the result that the pseudo-state is once again seeking an agreement with UNFICYP, thus upgrading its status.

The so-called “Ministry of Foreign Affairs” requested again yesterday the conclusion of an agreement, which will govern the status of the peacekeeping force in the occupied territories.

On the occasion of an incident that occurred last week in which, according to information, two blue-collar workers, while on vacation, rented jet skis on a beach in Famagusta, but were involved in an accident.

The Turkish Cypriot owner of the water sports was asking for compensation of 10 thousand euros, while he attacked both them and their official vehicle.

The same source from UNFICYP, instead of condemning the event, appeared highly apologetic, saying that there were mistakes on both sides. This incident now capitalizes on the pseudo-state, essentially asking to give its approval to UNFICYP, as a “sovereign state”.

Also included in the equation is the incident involving an investigation by the pseudo-police in an illegal casino in Pyla, brought to light by ANT1, without informing the police of the Republic of Cyprus.

UNFICYP insists that it informed, however, and our own information indicates that there was no prior consultation.

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