Ukrainians’ Naval Unorthodox War Doctrine: They hit the Russian fleet with small speedboats and drones

A combined air and sea attack was carried out by the Ukrainian Armed Forces against the Russian Fleet. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), small speedboats and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (USVs) took part in the unorthodox attack. The boats were loaded with explosives.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces also released relevant audio-visual material. From the visual material it appears that the attack against the Russian ships was carried out at night with a total of 9 UAVs and 7 USVs in the area of ​​Sevastopol in Crimea. From the video, it appears that at least one main unit of the Russian navy was hit (“Admiral Makarov” Project 11356R frigate).

It should be noted that the “Admiral Makarov” frigate is newly built and joined the Russian Black Sea fleet only in 2017. The attack, as reported, took place in different places, including within the Sevastopol Naval Station, while other videos show that the frigate ” Admiral Makarov” was hit in coastal waters of Crimea, in the wider area. The attack was likely planned, organized and executed by Ukrainian frogmen belonging to the 73rd Ukrainian Naval Special Operations Center. The small USVs took advantage of their small footprint, exploited the coastal environment, darkness and achieved surprise.

According to Moscow there was cooperation with British special operations groups.

Moscow has accused Britain of preparing today’s drone attack against the Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol Bay and training the Ukrainian personnel who operated them.

“The preparation of this terrorist act and the training of military personnel of the 73rd Ukrainian Naval Special Operations Center were carried out by British specialists based in Ochakov, Mykolayiv region of Ukraine,” the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement posted on Telegram.

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According to Russian authorities, this attack caused “minor damage” to a ship. Moscow maintains that the targeted ships were involved in the protection of convoys tasked with exporting Ukrainian grain.


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