Ukrainian Antonov crashed west of Kavala – It was carrying highly dangerous cargo

On Saturday night, a Ukrainian Antonov 12 aircraft crashed west of Kavala, in the Paleochori area of ​​the Pangai municipality.

A search and rescue operation has already begun, while all military installations in the wider area are on standby to assist if deemed necessary.

Crew of eight – ‘Dangerous’ cargo?

According to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), this is an aircraft that was performing a commercial cargo flight, while carrying a crew of eight.

At the same time, according to information transmitted by MEGA, it may be an aircraft of the Serbian army, which was carrying ammunition, which is why explosions were heard.

EMAK men and pyrotechnicians rush to the scene, as there are reports of a 12-ton load that is classified as “dangerous”.

The authorities are asking for the evacuation of citizens from the area, as there are toxic gases from the plane crash.

According to information from ERT, in fact, the ranks of EMAK wear special uniforms to protect themselves from the fumes.

Two firefighters in hospital with breathing problems

In the area, the smell of burning fuel is very strong, and the cloud of smoke is also thick, however, the fires are very small and there is no risk of rekindling, as the Fire Department has created a protective grid to prevent any such danger.

Due to the burden of the atmosphere, two firefighters, who were near the place where the aircraft fell, suffered breathing problems and were transferred to the General Hospital of Kavala.

According to information from the Fire Department, 15 firefighters and 7 vehicles are operating.

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He requested an emergency landing

The pilot requested an emergency landing, as he reported failure of one of his four engines, but it appears that he did not make it.

Testimonies of residents in Paleochori Kavala describe a crash in the area, while they say that explosions are heard.

The testimonies of the residents are shocking

The retired journalist, Vaso Morali, in her post on Facebook states that: “Around 22:50 this evening, a burning aircraft fell in flight – according to the testimony of an eyewitness – in the plain east of Nikisiani (probably between the farms of Paleochori – Antiphilippi) and probably crashed into a pillar/electrical cables, resulting in an explosion, a big flash and immediately after a general blackout in Nikisiani, Georgiani, Agios Christoforos and Paleochori at least!”

Newer information indicates that the blackout reaches as far as Hortokopi (on the outskirts of Eleftheroupolis).

According to the eyewitness, from Krinida (Vitasta) Serres, the plane had already passed burning over their village before falling a few tens of kilometers to the southeast, essentially at the foot of Mount Pangaios (in the prefecture of Kavala).

A few seconds earlier, in Nikisian, we heard the strangely low hum of an airplane, above our “heads”, to be immediately followed by the general power outage.

The Police have been informed and a helicopter is already scanning the area from above, in the plain, as we can see from the balcony of our house!

I hope the person or people on the plane were saved!”

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