Ukraine’s gross provocation against Greece: They are threatening us with… sanctions! – Disturbance of Athens

The “grey” areas and the responsibilities of Kiev in the Antonov case, combined with the numerous Ukrainian requests reaching the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs – with inappropriate content and style as explained by diplomatic sources – have led to a cooling of bilateral relations.

The highlight, according to exclusive information from “Vima”, was allegedly Kiev’s threat to impose sanctions on Athens due to… the activity of Greek companies in Russia.

The Chronicles

In particular, a few days ago a Ukrainian diplomatic note was sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – as is done almost on a daily basis – through which explanations are requested for seven Greek companies operating on Russian soil. The activities of these companies, as “To Vima” knows, do not fall under the sanctions imposed on Russia at the level of the European Union (EU) after the invasion of Ukraine and the subsequent outbreak of war.

Nevertheless, Ukraine threatened Greece with sanctions, a country that supported it directly, impartially and in a clear way (sending weapons and humanitarian aid, accepting refugees, adopting sanctions against Russia).

Annoyance of Athens

This request of Kiev seems to have disturbed the Greek side. The Ukrainian ambassador in Athens, Sergey Sutenko, was summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where he was given very strong remarks. Mr. Sutenko, according to information, claimed that he forwarded the relevant note as requested by his country, while he did not have sufficient explanations regarding the sources of information on the activities of Greek companies.

Senior diplomatic officials emphasized in “Vima” that a series of Ukrainian requests have caused discomfort and discomfort in Athens, as they say, Kyiv seems to have lost all measure of what and how it is asking for.

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A major annoyance, and for this he had received a negative response at every level and in every way, was the request to put a brake on the operation of a national Greek television station for the presentation of pro-Russian positions, which “To Vima” had revealed on April 2.


The storm of Ukrainian requests includes additional financial and equipment support. At the same time, there are protests, both directly and indirectly, about the transfer of Russian oil to third countries by ships of Greek interests.

Indicative is the publication of the Ukrainian website “” which bears the (long-winded) title “After the start of the war, more than a third of Russian marine oil exports were carried by Greek tankers”.

In the report it is underlined that the approximate “volume of such logistics exceeds 19 million tons of oil worth 16 billion dollars”, while the Greek companies are named.

“While Greek tankers transport oil and replenish the budget of the Russian Federation for the production of missiles and bombs, children from Ukraine are dying” it is noted.

Following the adoption of the sixth package of sanctions against Moscow last June, a ban on the purchase, import or transfer of crude oil and certain petroleum products from Russia to the EU is foreseen. However, the oil restrictions will be phased in over the course of six months and for the second case within eight months.

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