Ukraine: Halastra in Greece – At the last moment Athens did not get HIMARS

Ukraine: The war with the Russians made a mess in Greece, since at the last minute the Americans sent the HIMARS to Kyiv and not to Athens.

The Russo-Ukrainian conflict brought changes to the planning of disposal of surplus US defense equipment.

Athens, it is not an exaggeration to argue that they were one… step before the installation of HIMARS in Greece, but the USA finally sent the multiple rocket launcher to Ukraine, to face Russia.

In addition to HIMARS, Athens would also receive NASAMS.

The short-to-medium-range ground-based air defense system developed by Kongsberg also ended up in Ukraine.

The most mature of the above concessions were the American M113 A3s, which changed course and from Athens found themselves in Kyiv.

It is understandable that all of the above if they were to come (if and when they come) to Greece, they would greatly change the dynamics of the Greek Armed Forces.

This armament will come to Greece at some point, but not in the numbers that were initially calculated. Fewer will come, but even then they will be significant additions.

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