Turks: Greece cannot wage electronic warfare on us – Athens has been left behind

Turks: Greece cannot engage in electronic warfare, says a Turkish analyst.

According to Abdullah Betsi, “although Greece’s capabilities in electronic warfare are debatable, it is difficult to say that it has a serious presence in this field.”

“The neighbor does not have a land-SOJ (Stand Off Jammer) system or an air-SOJ system with serious capabilities,” Abdullah Bechi stressed, posting on his Twitter account, where he has over 38,000 followers.

“The neighbor does not have a land-SOJ system or an air-SOJ system with serious capabilities,” he adds.

SOJ systems enable the detection and monitoring of enemy radars and communications systems.

The Turkish HAVA SOJ (Stand-Off-Jammer) system confuses and deceives radar signals and communication systems.

“Enemies’ advanced warplanes, laser-guided missiles and other munitions can be very effective, but HAVA SOJ systems can disable them all by scrambling their electronic signals,” writes aircrafttechnic.com.

The HAVA SOJ system is produced and developed by the Turkish ASELSAN (Military Electronics Industry) and TUSAŞ (Turkish Aerospace Industries, Inc) in Turkey.

Abdullah Betsi emphasizes that as far as he is able to know, the Greek Mirage and F-16 do not have ECM pods against electronic warfare, but he emphasizes that with the Spectra of the Greek Rafale as well as the F-35 when Athens gets them strengthen Greece in electronic warfare.

The truth is that in the field of electronic warfare, the Turks have made rapid strides and an effort is needed from Greece to close the gap.

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