Turks: Give us F-16 Vipers and we’ll violate Greece’s airspace a bit

Turks: Give us the F-16 Vipers and we promise we’ll violate Greece’s airspace a bit, Turkish officials are pretty much saying.

Ankara interprets good neighborliness in a Turkish way, since according to Turkish officials, the demand of the American Congress that there should be no violations of Greek airspace for at least six months in order for Turkey to get the F-16 Vipers, is… subversive since only 5% of Turkish fighter flights in the Aegean commits violations.

This is Turkey’s almost official position on the violations in the Aegean.

How do you do that, we are infringing on your national airspace a bit.

Mind you, this is the Turkish admission. Even in the Turkish admission, the Turks say they are committing violations. But these are few.

The truth is of course different and the Turks are not only violating but also overflying Greek territory in the Aegean.

Unfortunately, Turkey has lost (we don’t know if it ever had) its sense of International Law.

The neo-Ottoman dreams of Ankara, which have been lurking for decades, have “teased” the minds of many in Turkey.

In any case, to return to the case of the American F-16s, the Turks say, through an opinion article by Milliyet, that they should take the Vipers and they will violate the airspace of Greece, which is a member of NATO.

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