Turks admit: “An operation against Greece through Thrace is impossible” – “Attack” on the USA with Washington “deifying” Ankara at the same time

On the one hand, the Turks are “snapping” the USA, with the Biden Administration giving everything to Ankara, and on the other hand, the Erdogan media, by order of the “Sultan”, are making an “attack” on the USA for Alexandroupoli, while taking the part of Russia!

Let’s look at the following article. The most important; The Turks admit that Thrace is an impregnable fortress because of the Greek ED!


“The US continues to stockpile weapons, military vehicles and ammunition in Alexandroupolis, which is only 60 kilometers from Turkey. More than 2,500 military vehicles were transported to Alexandroupolis by giant transport ship. The ship leaving the port will return with a new shipment.

The US is active in 5 regions of Greece, specifically in Skyros, the Salamina Naval Base, Kasteli, Kalamata and the Andravidas Air Base, while at the same time, the US continues to develop in Alexandroupolis.

The giant transport ship “ARC Endurance”, which docked at the port of Alexandroupoli last weekend, unloaded more than 2,500 military vehicles and equipment, including tanks and personnel carriers. It was reported that the ship, which left the port after unloading its cargo, would return to Alexandroupoli with new military equipment.

Retired Brigadier General Fahri Erenel said: “One of the important steps of Russia’s containment policy has been implemented. The US was unable to send military reinforcements to Poland and Romania and expand its range of action. The Russian war provided the desired environment for the US. In line with the NATO 2030 vision, an effort has been launched to place a new corps command in Poland.”

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Noting that the U.S. sent the message “We will protect you from Turkey” with the bases and cargoes it installed in Greece, Erenel said, “There are no clauses in the bilateral agreements that allow Greece to use said force against Turkey ».

Reporter’s question: “In a potential escalation, will Turkey face the US in a ground operation?”

Erenel gave the following answer to the question: “An operation against Greece through Thrace would make no sense. The area of ​​action in the region is quite difficult.

And all this, at a time when the USA is “deifying” Turkey. What we reported first yesterday:

White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre “allowed” the lawmakers who are asking not to send fighter jets to Turkey a little while ago, as in response to a journalist’s question, she announced that they have been discussing the sale of F-16s to Turkey for several months and that the US president Joe Biden supported this request.

All this, while a few hours ago, we had a joint announcement by the 10 MPs about the block on the sale and upgrade of the F-16 in Turkey.

Specifically, at his daily press conference, Jean-Pierre said: “We are very clear about the F-16s. We have been discussing this for several months. Biden actually supports this request. Beyond that, there is nothing new.”

In essence, he “empties” the Senators and clearly supports Ankara!

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