Turkish rampage: They lost 2 drones & a helicopter-Turkish base & in N.Iraq

We had significant strikes against Turkish targets in the last 24 hours.


HPG Press Center: “Our forces continue to take revenge for the massacres and aggression committed by the Turkish invading army and inflicting heavy blows on them.

Turkish journalists behind bars against Erdogan for the losses:

“A total of 52 dead over a period of 4 months in Syria and Iraq, of which 48 military and 4 militiamen. Are you used to it?”

The number of losses of the Turkish Army in the occupied territories of Syria and Iraq would be in triple digits if they did not use mercenaries.

Strike on a Turkish base

Last night in Iraq, Iranian militias of the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC supported by Hashd Al-Shaabi) used Iranian-made Toufan-3 drones (floating munitions) (also known as Shahed-136) to attack a Turkish military base in Iraqi Kurdistan.


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