Turkish propaganda about "landing" commandos in Greece via Albania-Suspicious plans of Ankara

Albania and Kosovo will become Turkey’s biggest bases in Erdogan’s plan to reclaim the Balkans.

According to a suspicious website posting on a “social network” within our country, we are allegedly warned that “Albanians have granted (for many years) to Turkey the naval station in Pasalimani for the support of Turkish submarines in wartime in exchange for upgrading their infrastructure .

Then the Turkish submarines can surround Greece and land commandos everywhere in the Aegean Archipelago”, the website states, while according to defense experts, something like this can be attempted on the mainland as well, especially in coastal areas of Epirus but also elsewhere.

This is a possible Turkish plan to disembark elite members (who would possibly know the Greek language) of the Bordo Bereliler force, submarine strike commandos (SAT), and SAS commandos, and other units, which would have multiple objectives in the event of a Greek-Turkish conflict. such as main infrastructures of the Greek territory but also possibly officials.

The essence, however, concerns a website on social networks within Greece, which is likely to convey pure propaganda of the Turkish secret services, aimed at Greek society, and the costless provoking of a feeling of insecurity, which in turn, will help other “willing” people within of our country, to try to influence situations in favor of Turkish interests.

All these are panic moves by the Turks, since they indicate, due to the intensity of Turkish propaganda, the huge internal issues within Turkey that are looking for a solution.

It is emphasized that these plans are fully known to the leadership of the Greek armed forces, but also to the Greek intelligence services.

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Every Turkish presence, warship or submarine in the specific port of Albania, but also in Misrata, Libya (because there is danger from there too), is closely monitored, and every movement is thoroughly controlled.

Also, the same risk exists for the Turks from the Greek side, if for example in a “possible war crisis scenario, Greek submarines landed a Greek commando from Cyprus on Turkish territory…on a moonless night on some deserted coast.

Here we have to point out, however, according to PENTAPOSTAGMA, that in the recent Turkish inter-branch exercise “EFES-2022”, Albanian commandos were trained by Turkish Officers on how to board landing craft in order to disembark on an “enemy” shore.

Turkey and Albania have signed in 2021, a new stronger defense cooperation, the articles of which we do not know.

Earlier information from the Albanian press, however, reported indeterminately about “Turkish military activities on Albanian territory”, for this reason Albania would probably also receive some kind of “gift” from the Turkish defense industry.

In general, however, an idiosyncratic “omerta” is observed on both sides about Erdogan’s plans in the neighboring country, which according to experts will soon be the springboard for Turkish forces in the Balkans.

It is emphasized according to PENTAPOSTAGMA, that as recently as October 2020, Albania bought a drone from a Turkish defense company based in Turkey, according to the Turkish state and government media.

We also remind you that since 2017, the Albanian special forces, as well as the corresponding internal security units, have received Turkish-made automatic weapons, type M20, MP5, M4A1, MPT-76, etc.

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The Albanians have been supplied with KNT-308 sniper rifles, M72 LAW light anti-tank guns, armored vehicles, 40mm howitzers. .50” machine guns and Cobra vehicles.

The country’s Navy was completely renewed by Turkey, which has also created a submarine base in Durres. These include Pasalimani and the military base at Orikum, which have been completely rebuilt with surface radar and other infrastructure.

Of course, the Erdogan plan is clear, since it concerns the possible encirclement of the Greek armed forces from the side of the Ionian in a possible “war crisis” between Turkey and Greece, but what is certain is that the Turks in general will find themselves in front of big and terrible surprises from the Greek armed forces.

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