Turkish media to US: "If you don’t give us F-16 VIPER we will fully ally with the Russians"

Geopolitical and military conflict between Turkey-Russia and Greece-USA-France with the Black Sea-Aegean-East Mediterranean axis as a prize

Nothing has been a coincidence for a few years with the creation of American bases in Greece, the presence of French landings in Skyros, Israeli flights to Crete, since we have a huge geopolitical game in effect in the Black Sea-Aegean-Eastern Mediterranean with our country is the most pivotal point.

Turkish Media reports that there is a process of geopolitical rupture from the US-France-Greece alliance for dominance in the Black Sea-Aegean-Mediterranean axis, against the energy and economic alliance of Turkey-Russia.

“Although these processes of cooperation are experienced with different characters on both fronts, they greatly enhance the possibility of military conflict.

Turkey follows a special policy, separating the developments in the Black Sea, the Aegean and Cyprus, with the attitude it has taken so far”, emphasizes a Turkish expert.

Turkey has demarcated its interests with the so-called “Blue Homeland”, around the Turkish mainland, while the Russians seek a free passage from the Crimea, the Bosphorus and the Aegean to Suez.

The Turkish article states that “it is expected that the annexation of the four new regions of Donbas by Russia will bring about a kind of monopoly in the Black Sea region, in terms of energy and food supply.

Although Turkey sees Russia’s current annexation strategy as illegitimate, it appears to want to maintain normal relations with that country.

It is very likely that Russia will have the upper hand in food supply, and this will result in shaking up regional geopolitics.

At this point, Turkey is likely to face a number of opportunities and risks arising from the changing geopolitical balance due to Russia in the Black Sea region.

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From this point of view, there seems to be no other alternative for Ankara, except as Russia’s gateway to the world.

Turkey’s role in the supply of energy and food that Russia will offer to the world market is likely to increase along the Black Sea-Aegean-Mediterranean line.

Therefore, the process of Russia-Turkey cooperation that will develop in the direction of providing energy-food from the North to the South will bring about some geopolitical ruptures.

It is possible that the escalation of US-France-Greece tensions in the Aegean will also extend to Cyprus.

As is well known, the US carried out a series of arms shipments to Greece, while creating a strong base in the area of ​​Alexandroupolis.

Recently the Turkish authorities found that some armored vehicles (M1117) donated by the US to Greece were transferred to Lesbos and Samos.

By the end of this year, the number of these vehicles is expected to reach 1200, many of which will be shipped to the islands.

On the other hand, the US is expected to donate advanced anti-tank weapon systems to Greek troops in the Thrace region.

In addition, the US ended the arms embargo against the Greek Cypriot side as of October 1 and began a process to increase the military capability of the Greek Cypriot National Guard.

Last March, the US asked the Greek Cypriot side to close the ports in Cyprus to Russian ships in exchange for the lifting of the arms embargo.

It was known that Russia was waiting for an opportunity to take a clear political stance against the Greeks and Greek Cypriots.

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Recently, Russia announced that it had appointed a Muslim ambassador to Nicosia for the first time.

In Greece and on the Greek Cypriot side, this move by Russia caused many comments that it may lead to a change of attitude towards the Occupied Countries.

In this regard, it can be said that the appointment of a Russian Muslim ambassador is also welcome for the “TRNC” and Turkey.

However, it also raises the possibility that Turkey expects the same approach that Russia has shown to Occupied Cyprus and to the territories annexed by Russia to Ukraine.

It can be said that Russia is willing to start a process of political cooperation with Turkey through Occupied Cyprus in order to dominate the present Black Sea region.

In fact, if the US does not supply F-16Vs to Turkey as part of its strategy to disarm the Turkish armed forces, Russia will knock on Turkey’s door with a series of defense and security cooperation offers, changing the regional situation once and for all”, he concludes.

Turkey and Russia are moving at the same time in the same areas (Syria, Libya, Black Sea, Armenia) and many estimated that they will collide somewhere.

But Erdogan and Putin have created a really strong relationship, which given Turkish interests, will push the two countries on a common path in the coming years, whether Erdogan is in power or not. Everyone must understand this very deeply, since the Turks want everything and they want it now, except that in the end they will also lose what they have, no matter what many pessimists say, because of their pregnant state of Kurdistan.

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