Turkish journalist: Let Mitsotakis know that Turkish howitzers are also reaching the Greek islands

Turkish journalist: Let Mitsotakis know that Turkish howitzers are also arriving on the Greek islands, it is emphasized against the background of a possible refusal of the US to give Ankara new US F-16s.

“Greece is trying with all its might to prevent the US Congress from selling F-16s to Turkey. Someone should tell the Greek Prime Minister about groups like American Defense International and the McKeon Group,” writes Ozai Sendir in the Turkish Milliyet.

“These companies, led by former members of Congress and veterans, represent arms manufacturers and major buyers such as Saudi Arabia,” he adds.

“American arms companies will not abandon a $10 billion project for Greece,” reports Ozai Sendir.

“Let’s say that Mitsotakis’ dream comes true and the US Congress blocks the sale and modernization of (including Turkish) F-16s. Someone tell the Greek Prime Minister about the howitzer Storms. The range of these shells is 40 kilometers,” continues the Turkish columnist.

“Prime Minister Mitsotakis should remember the distance of the 16 islands, which Greece has armed against international agreements, from the Turkish coasts. If Ankara had the intention of solving its problems with weapons and not with dialogue, Turkey could demilitarize these islands overnight and without firing a shot,” he underlines.

The overflight trap that Turkey fell into

US President Joe Biden is trying to pass the F-16 sale before November’s congressional elections.

But the… finds it dark after a group of ten deputies passed an amendment in the US Congress not to give the F-16s to Turkey, until it is proven that in the last six months Turkey has not made overflights and violations of another NATO state (s.s. as p .eg of Greece) as well as that they will not be used against another NATO state.

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No front-line weapons should be given to Turkey, based on US sanctions against Ankara over Turkey’s purchase of Russian S-400s.

It should be noted that the US F-16s that Turkey is requesting to buy from the US, against the background of the amendment submitted to the US Congress, cannot be used even against the Syrian Kurds, who are considered important allies of the Americans.

Greece will try to delay the sale of US F-16s to Turkey, which also has the Turkish lobby lobbying US senators to pass the sale.

“It is imperative that Turkey and the US take steps to strengthen the ties between our two nations,” US Senator Lindsey Graham tweeted about the US F-16s that Turkey wants.

October is considered a milestone month for the new Turkish F-16s. If their sale has not proceeded by then, then the process will have to proceed after the congressional elections, which means that another valuable time will be lost for the Turks.

At the same time, of course, Greece will continue to be equipped and receive the Rafale and additional modernized Vipers.

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