Turkish drones plan to bypass Israeli 3km umbrella on Greek islands

Greek-Turkish: How Turkish drones plan to bypass the Israeli umbrella that is being installed on the Greek islands and the Evros and the Israelis’ urging for greater cooperation with Greece.

In recent tests, Turkey’s HAVELSAN enabled BARKAN unmanned ground vehicle and Turkish UAVs to conduct swarm operations independently.

According to the Turks, the biggest advantage of this particular system is that the Swarm Technology software developed by HAVELSAN can be integrated “on any platform” or “at any time”.

Currently, unmanned aerial, land or sea vehicles are controlled through a ground control station (GSC).

However, in today’s combat conditions, no matter how advanced the countermeasures systems are, it becomes impossible from time to time to establish healthy communication between YKI and unmanned platforms under electronic warfare conditions.

In such cases, the UAV either gets stuck, falls, or returns to its base, according to its algorithm, “but in the end, the mission fails,” notes the Turkish defense website sammunasanayist.com.

In swarm systems, the mission continues successfully even if the swarm is lost.

It should be noted that on the Greek islands, it became known from reports that an anti-drone system is being installed, which will be based on the technology of the Israeli Drone Dome.

This system will be able to interfere with the frequencies of Turkish drones (small and large) and prevent them from completing their mission.

Israelis use lasers at Drone Dome. Will there be such a possibility in the Greek anti-drone system? (p.s. the Israelis say “yes”).

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This is exactly what the Turks are doing. How will they manage to overcome this particular problem?

At the same time, the Jewish Institute for National Security of America (JINSA) with its report stands on the linear rise of violations of Greek airspace by Turkish Bayraktar.

According to the JINSA report, a total of 15% of Turkish violations in the Aegean for 2022, are made by Turkish Bayraktars.

In fact, the Israelis note that the increase in Turkish violations with Bayraktar in Greek airspace was of the order of 182% for 2022 compared to 2021.

The Israelis attach great importance to the Greek Drone Dome, which is placed on the Greek islands (and Evros) and which, according to the report, provides protection at a distance of 3.22 km, interfering with the communications of the Turkish drones and their GPS.

The Israelis are talking about an improved Drone Dome system, as early as 2021, which was tested against a drone in Gaza.

Finally, JINSA requests the contribution of the USA in funding research for further development of the anti-drone system in the Eastern Mediterranean (including the Middle East) as well as the supply of more aerial means to Greece.

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