Turkish destabilization plan: “Greece does not allow Muslims to pray”! – Ankara’s lies with the aim of inciting population groups

In recent decades, a continuous low-intensity conflict (low intensity warfare) has been taking place between Greece and Turkey, dominated by military and political pressure, espionage and psychological warfare, with the export of culture as the main tool.

In reality, however, the Turkish threat turns out to be much more complex, including cyberwarfare, but also a multitude of activities from the wider area of ​​irregular warfare, such as illegal immigration, paramilitary operations and organized crime. This enlistment within the framework of a comprehensive approach of conventional, irregular warfare and cyberwar tactics clearly gives Turkey the characteristics of a hybrid threat.

This is what Turkey did a few hours ago with a provocative article, which aims and aims to incite the Muslims of our country.

However, we are not talking about the Greek Muslim patriots, but about their “servants” and about those who have entered our country illegally!

The possibilities of conducting a hybrid war are enhanced by the traditional cooperation between the Turkish state and criminal organizations (see the Ergenekon case) and also by the MIT espionage networks in our country. The latter has developed main and reserve networks, a number of front organizations, connections with the media and a strong influence among the Albanian and Muslim minority as well as refugees, while the incidents of military and non-military espionage, provocative actions and sabotage (e.g. forest fires ) to the detriment of our country are endless.

What they say:

“Greece did not allow the Eid prayer to take place. In Alexandria Hmathia, near Thessaloniki, Greece does not allow mosques for the Muslim minority. Almost a thousand “Turks” living in the area were unable to perform the Eid prayer this year.

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The “Turks” of Western Thrace also had sad holidays.

The Greek authorities did not allow the Eid prayer to be held in the local mosque this year. The building, which was prepared under the umbrella of the association and used as a mosque, has been blocked by the Greek authorities since 2017.

The officials of the club, who applied by preparing the necessary procedures, faced 3 times rejection decision with flimsy excuses.

In 2020, when the court ruled in favor of the Greek authorities, the matter was transferred to the Council of State.

Despite the decision of the Council of State in favor of the association, the Ministry of Religious and Educational Affairs ignored the decision and did not allow the use of the mosque, again with an excuse.

“Despite the court decision, the Greek authorities prevent it”

Musa Çolak, the religious official appointed by the “Mufti” of Xanthi in the region, explained the process to TRT News:

“We have a winning case. Despite this case, the Ministry of Religious Affairs still insists on not allowing us to pray for political reasons. These people are citizens of the European Union, citizens of Greece first of all, of course, they are deprived of many rights.”

They don’t even allow Muslim cemeteries.

Almost 1000 “Turks” of Western Thrace live in the region, which has a population of over 20 thousand.

The “Turks” find it difficult not only to find places of education and worship, but also in cemeteries because the Greek authorities do not allow Muslim cemeteries.

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The bodies had been buried in the cemetery hundreds of kilometers away for years.”

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