Turkish analyst: “Turkey will strike somewhere, diplomatically we will get nothing”

Turkey cannot diplomatically extract anything from Greece, claims a Turkish analyst, asserting that because of this fact Ankara will definitely strike militarily.

Analyzes continue in the Turkish media that propagate the scenario of a war between Turkey and Greece.

“A terrible game”

Turkish security analyst Abdullah Agar (pictured left, top, from YouTube), speaking to CNNTURK, says Greece is “playing a terrible game, let me say that from the beginning. An extremely dangerous game.”

“So many armaments, so much arrogance, so many provocations, harassment, threats, insinuations of the use of force. Here are the violations and harassments that are being done and the attempt to play with the dignity of the Turks,” he adds, according to tourkikanea.gr.

“Highly dangerous”

And he “explains” that “They have goals to destroy the geopolitical future of Turkey, while the cooperation with the YPG-PKK organizations and the coordination between them is something extremely dangerous for Turkey.”

That is why he emphasizes that “Turkey will definitely do something somewhere. It will hit somewhere. Now, the time, the place and the way, we will all see together”.

Presenter Gyokusu asks him, then, if Turkey will strike diplomatically.

And he answers: “No, no, diplomatically we cannot extract anything from the Greeks and the Greek Cypriots”.

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