Turkish Air Force: The “ÖZGÜR” F-16 Block.30 upgrade program will also be applied to the F-16 Block.40/50

According to Turkish press reports, cited by ASELSAN officials, the “ÖZGÜR” modernization program, which is applied to the Block.30 F-16s, will also be applied to the Turkish Air Force’s Block.40/50 F-16s. The “ÖZGÜR” program started in 2012 and is implemented by ASELSAN and TAI.

The first upgraded F-16 Block.30 is expected to be delivered to the Turkish Air Force in 2022 or early 2023 (upgrade work started in 2018). At the heart of the modernization is the integration of Turkish computer and software design and development.

According to ASELSAN, these additions will allow the integration of other Turkish systems and weapons into the aircraft without dependence on foreign countries.

In its entirety, the “ÖZGÜR” program concerns the installation:
(1) New dispatch computer

(2) System interface unit for converting analog parameters to digital and displaying them to the pilot

(3) AMLCD (Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Display) technology CMFD-55 multi-indicator color displays

(4) Fuel and hydraulic control system, so that the pilot knows exactly the fuel supply and hydraulic pressure

(5) Inertia navigation system ANS-511 (6) Display of all engine parameters

(7) MİLSEC-3 secure communications system for communication, with sound, image and data in the HF/VHF/UHF frequency bands and (8) Identification of friend and foe (IFF) Mode.5/S.

At a later date, the program also concerns the installation of AESA technology radar, by ASELSAN (under development), as well as a digital variant, similar to the one that will be used in the Hürjet light fighter trainers (under testing).

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