Turkey: This is why the Turks were shocked – They again lost the Greek F-16s that secretly went to Cyprus and Israel

Turkey: Again the Turks lost the Greek F-16s from the radar while they secretly went to Cyprus and Israel for an exercise.

Finally, the Turks have a… issue with their air defense, since they did not take… the eight F-16 aircraft of the 115th Fighter Wing that went to Cyprus and Israel for exercise.

The last time the Turks simply saw Greek F-16s in Cyprus (two years ago) an alarm was raised.

This time, in the Frizis Damas 2022 exercise, eight Greek F-16s went to Cyprus and Israel, came back and no one took notice.

It should be noted that the Israeli-Greek exercise took place unexpectedly, since there was no official announcement of it.

Turkey’s air defense is a black hole, especially in the south, since probably in Ankara they learn what is happening only from… Greek announcements.

At the same time, as you read on geostratigika.gr, the Israelis have found in the faces of the Greeks capable pilots so that they can improve themselves and why not learn (and let’s learn) things.

Geopolitically as well as militarily, Greece and Israel are closer than ever while the Israelis appreciate the capabilities of the Greek pilots and… want them close to them.

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