Turkey: They want us not to violate Greece in order to give us F-16 – Numbness in Ankara

Turkey: They want us not to commit violations in Greece in order to give us F-16s, the Turkish mass media report, while the numbness of Ankara after the approval of the Pallone bill in the American Congress is evident.

Under the bill, which will be added to the new 2023 budget for the US Department of Defense, Turkey can get the 40 new F-16 Viper Block 70 it has requested from the US if it guarantees US interests and promises not to will violate Greek airspace with the specific fighters.

The Turks of the Turkish defense reportage site, safumasanayist.com, report that the American president, Joe Biden, has the ability to veto this particular bill, as it is emphasized that only five other bills have been vetoed in the past.

In any case, Joe Biden now has to convince that Turkey, which has bought the S-400s that is preparing to invade Syria and that violates Greek airspace and wants to occupy the Greek islands off the Aegean coast, will act in favor of of the interests of the US and its NATO allies.

Our assessment is that Turkey will at some point get the American F-16 Vipers, but this will happen in five to six years, when the Turkish request will pass through the entire American bureaucracy.

The goal is to not have Erdogan in power, when the process proceeds, since the Turkish president has… burned out in the eyes of the West.

The West has marginalized Turkey with the information in Ankara now arriving by the dropper.

However, Turkey cannot be left completely alone, because then it will fall into the arms of Russia and China, and NATO is not in that mood.

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