Turkey: The UK plan that shocked Ankara

Turkey: The plan of the United Kingdom that shocked Ankara and led to the strong reaction of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The reaction from the Turkish Foreign Ministry to the UK’s desire to include Turkey in the Rwanda plan was strong.

According to haberler.com, British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, “plans to send migrants to Turkey as well as Rwanda.”

“Turkey will not be a refugee camp or a border guard for any country,” the Turkish Foreign Ministry said, among other things.

Liz Truss reportedly planned to send illegal immigrants to Turkey as well as Rwanda if she became prime minister, according to the Times.

The press representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tanzu Bilgic, argued that it is impossible for Turkey “which has hosted the largest number of refugees in the world for 8 years, to take on a greater burden at the request of third countries”.

The British government’s move to deport migrants was blocked at the last minute by the European Court of Human Rights last month.

The UK plan wanted Turkey to become a new Rwanda and host migrant asylum seekers.

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