Turkey: The tragic mistake of the Turks with the 5G ally of Greece

Turkey: The tragic mistake of the Turks with 5G is an ally of Greece and a guarantor of the purchase of critical American technology and the F-35.

The Turks gave the keys to the Turkish internet to China, after the Chinese Huawei has set up the Turkish 5G network.

This decision by Ankara has drastically affected its relations with Washington and is one of the main reasons that the Americans are not even discussing (and Turkey has also made a decision) about the F-35.

The Turks turned to F-16 Vipers, which they will eventually get, ideal for the Americans when Erdogan falls.

Turkey: The tragic mistake of the Turks with the 5G ally of Greece

But why is the US writing off providing critical American technology to the Turks?

The F-35s operate in the 5G environment, sending an update on potential problems after each mission.

The Americans know that the Chinese, who have set up the Turkish 5G, will have through this process a margin to try to steal critical information for the American F-35s, which are considered fighter-computers.

If you notice all the countries with which the US is discussing the F-35 purchase are basing their 5G network in the West.

Turkey and the United Arab Emirates, with which countries Washington discussed the sale of F-35s, but in the end for various reasons it was decided not to take them, since both in Turkey and the UAE the 5G network has been set up by the Chinese (p. p. especially in Turkey).

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It should be noted that the Americans have played a leading role in setting up the Greek 5G, which makes any discussion about providing Athens with critical American technology easier.

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