Turkey: That’s why it wants demilitarized islands – Nothing gets through

Turkey sees that once again the Greek islands will be an obstacle for Turkish action.

Turkey: That’s why it wants demilitarized islands as nothing gets through to the Greek mainland if anti-ballistic missile systems are installed.

Turkey wants the Greek islands demilitarized since they create a major problem for it. They don’t let her attack the Greek hinterland.

Some of the Greek F-16s that are repositioning, some of the Greek anti-aircraft systems on the islands, some of the Greek Artillery that finds the Turkish coast, have given Ankara a headache.

Especially after the test of the Turkish ballistic missile, Turkey sees that once again the Greek islands will be an obstacle for Turkish action, since the Turkish ballistic missiles could be intercepted by the existence of anti-ballistic missile systems on the islands.

It should be noted that in the Aegean, the distribution of forces makes any presence of the Turkish mini-aircraft carrier Anadolu impossible, giving it space only in the Eastern Mediterranean.

At the same time, the Turkish Bayraktars cannot leave the Turkish coast without being detected.

There is no mention of the Turkish F-16s, which, with the presence of the Rafale in the arsenal of the Greek Air Force, become targets as soon as they leave the shores of Asia Minor.

At the same time, as people with knowledge of the report told geostratigika.gr, in order for the Turkish drones to be effective, they must first have an airport to take off, or even if they manage to take off, they must be able to approach the coasts of Asia Minor.

The Greek air defense may not be known by many, but it is one of the best in NATO. And the situation will improve even more, especially with the addition of the Belharra and later the corvettes to the Greek air defense mechanism (so far the assessment is that Doha and Gowind are playing strong).

Now, regarding the Turkish drones, the plan to deal with them is specific and has been drawn up.

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