Turkey: Preparing a “hot episode” in the Aegean – Evros! – He cannot digest the mess with the Greek fighters in the Aegean

Turkey is preparing new tension in Evros-Aegean, while the Turkish media have gone “crazy” with the Greek F-16s that “locked down” the Turkish ones in the Aegean.

Turkey continues to hatch insidious plans against Greece as Recep Tayyip Erdogan collapses in the polls and tries to do what he can to hang on to power.

The fanatical Turkish president has decided to throw the burden on the extreme aggressive policy in order to “invest” in the extreme nationalist Turkish citizens.

So Greece is his… favorite subject and he doesn’t miss the opportunity to provoke in every way. Either by sending illegal immigrants every day, or by barrage of lies about the aerial violations, or by sending f-16 spies to Crete.

That is why Greece has been constantly on the lookout lately, immediately starting improvement projects for the fence on the Evros.

At the same time, the media in Turkey have “revealed” where the Greek fighters “locked down” the corresponding Turkish fighters, in the recent incident in the Aegean with the American aircraft. It is characteristic that the Turks could not believe that the Greek pilots “locked” the Turks with such ease.

However, as it seems, Turkey is not giving up and in view of the National elections in 2023, Erdogan will try to make some “hot episode”, even if he manages to reverse the negative impressions that have been formed against him.

On this lies the “hybrid war” implemented by Erdogan, who does not want to go straight to war, but does so insidiously with many small “hot episodes”. That is why the recent incident with the 38 illegal immigrants that Turkey “pushed” by force to an islet in the Evros, so that Greece could go and collect them and then the Turks would intervene saying “Yes, Greece is violating Turkish sovereignty”.

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A Greek wingman gives a… paid answer to the Turks who threaten “…we will come at night”, telling them “The question is whether they can come at night and even if they come, whether they can leave afterwards”. At the same time, he explains that whatever Turkey does, it knows very well that Greece is armed in terms of air force and navy, therefore it will not dare.

“If Erdogan had the slightest inkling that he could do something against Greece, an extreme challenge. He would have done it.” He also adds that “… Erdogan has huge weaknesses with sanctions, he has huge problems at home and he also has the issue with the F-16s (including the ones that the US does not give him). So he won’t dare. Above all, he knows Greece’s capabilities in the air and at sea, so everything he does, he does more for impressions inside his country.”

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