Turkey has pre-planned a crisis with Greece – Increasing provocation

Turkey has planned a crisis with Greece for the next period of time.

Turkey wants to set fire to the Greek-Turkish language once again, with Recep Tayyip Erdogan ready to escalate his relations with Greece.

According to what he stated on the Open channel, the lieutenant general e.a. Lambros Tzoumis, “Turkey will seek to provoke a crisis until the national Turkish elections”.

The fact that all of Erdogan’s moves on the front of Greek-Turkish relations are resonating with a far-right audience has made the Turkish president believe that he must continue his hateful rhetoric in order to raise his low poll numbers ahead of the upcoming elections. .

Greek-Turkish: Turkey has planned a crisis with Greece

Thus, after the delirium of the country’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mevlut Cavusoglu, who spoke of a campaign, Turkey seems to have pre-planned a crisis with Greece in the near future.

The drilling rig may be moving in Turkish waters and has not yet violated our national borders, but this does not give our country room for complacency.

As Mr. Tzoumis typically mentioned, Erdogan’s decision to move more conservatively should not create the illusion that Turkey has left behind revisionism or that it will change its stance on the issues of the Southeast Mediterranean.

The fact that the drilling rig will stay at sea for about 1.5 years shows us that we are still at the beginning and that everything can change from day to day.

A typical example is the 72 violations of our national airspace only yesterday (11/8) by the Turkish side which continues to send messages to Athens.

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Furthermore, the scenario of Turkey seeking to create a crisis and a heated episode with our country is reinforced by the enormous difficulties it faces in its economy, with the Turks turning against Erdogan, which the president of our neighboring country does not like .

See what Lieutenant General E.A. said. Lambros Tzoumis:

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