Turkey: Goes to shock Greece with the declaration of a Turkish EEZ and searches with Occupied flag vessels

With its actions, Turkey wants to make itself the only choice for the success of the East Med.

Turkey: Goes to shock Greece in the Eastern Mediterranean with the declaration of a Turkish EEZ and searches by Occupied flag vessels.

Turkey’s plan for the Eastern Mediterranean appears on the front page of the Turkish newspaper Volkan.

According to the admiral e.a. Cihat Hayci, Turkey must follow a series of steps to consolidate its position in the Eastern Mediterranean, within the framework of the illegal Turkish Blue Homeland.

The Turkish admiral, one of the fathers of the idea of ​​the Blue Homeland, emphasizes that Turkey must immediately proceed to declare the EEZ in the region.

Subsequently, Turkey, according to the steps drawn up by the Turkish admiral, should make an agreement with the Occupied Powers for the joint exploitation of the wealth-producing sources in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Turkey will send the Turkish fleet of research and drilling vessels to the region, which will fly the flag of the Occupied.

Turkey’s goal is to block the passage of the East Med through the region in this way (the Italians specify its construction at the end of 2025).

Essentially, Turkey wants to create in the Occupied Territories an alternative route for the East Med, which from Israel will go to the occupied part of Cyprus and from there to the coast of Asia Minor, continuing its course from Turkey to the EU. .

Turkey wants to implement the Black Sea model in the Eastern Mediterranean and be the guarantor of the project’s success.

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Obviously, with its actions, Turkey wants to make this particular route the only option, for this reason it will do everything possible to dynamit Greek positions in the Eastern Mediterranean, taking advantage of Europe’s and Germany’s thirst for natural gas .

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