Turkey flirts with an accident in the Aegean

The crescendo of overflights over Greek islands and violations of the National Airspace reinforce the view of escalating tension from Turkey.

by Christos Mazanitis

On Virgin Mary’s Day, in violation of the Papoulias-Yilmaz Memorandum of 1987, Turkey carried out a total of 39 violations of the National Airspace with a total of 18 fighters, of which 10 were armed.

Of these, three concerned overflights over 3 Greek islands.

Greek fighters carried out a barrage of interceptions and, in fact, especially with regard to the total of 4 fighters that carried out the overflights, the Greek fighters carried out 3 engagements with 3 of them.

From August 1 until yesterday, there have been a total of 317 violations of the EEC, of ​​which 156 have been committed by Unmanned Aircraft – UAVs of the ANKA type.

Of the 5 total overflights in the first 15 days of August, 4 were by fighters and one – on August 11 – by a Turkish Drone over the Trianisia of Astypalaia.

Of course, the Greek pilots also intercept the invaders. Of course, and without a second thought, they proceed to engage with the Turks. Of course, they manage every day to ensure the blue supremacy in the Aegean.

However, the crowding of so many aircraft, in such a limited space, with dangerous maneuvers and challenging approaches and all this at supersonic speeds brings the possibility of an accident closer and closer every day. An accident, which can develop into an accident, even into a hot episode.

To understand the extent of Turkish provocation, last year in the whole of August 2021, 184 violations of the EEC were recorded. In 2020 – 457 and in 2019 – 341.

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