Turkey: First time on a Turkish map and Crete

Turkey presented yet another highly provocative map, which this time includes even Crete in its national sovereignty! Until now, the story of the Turks was the islands of the Aegean, which they often presented as theirs.

Now the story has acquired a new chapter as the largest island of Greece, Crete now “belongs” to Turkey.

As you can see, the far-right Devlet Bahtceli, leader of the Gray Wolves and a close collaborator of the Erdogan Government presented a map, which presents the Aegean and Crete according to the… dreams of the Turks. And nothing to do with reality of course.

Of course, Turkey’s goal is to follow the logic of “say, say, something will remain”, wanting to “gray” as many areas as possible. So then, when Greece and Turkey sit at the same table, the Turks will appear as wronged and that our country violates their rights. While in reality the opposite happens!

Of course, Crete has been targeted by the Turks because of the underwater deposits that may exist in the area.

What is surprising is the fact that all this communication policy comes after the NATO Summit and what Recep Tayyip Erdoğan heard in it about the de-escalation of tension in the Aegean.

In fact, they are talking about an expansionist policy of Greece under Turkey’s nose with the presence of the army on almost all the islands, something that the Turks don’t seem to like.

Furthermore, Turkish analysts add that in the Aegean there are islands and islets which were never officially given to Greece with some of the Treaties that have been signed but our country occupied them illegally! Really incredible stuff from the Turks

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