Turkey: First target is the Greek invisible submarines in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean

Turkey: The first target is the Greek invisible submarines in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean with the Turks filling the area with Turkish sound buoys.

The Turks do not forget what happened two years ago to the “invisible” Greek submarines and are feverishly preparing to deal with them.

Turkish hopes are pinned on the Sonobuoy, “which was previously used on Meltem aircraft,” to detect “enemy submarines and unmanned vehicles,” notes Turkish star.com.

“Thanks to the software developed by Turkish engineers, Turkey has found the underwater target for the first time with a sonobuoy launched from an unmanned marine vehicle,” it is emphasized.

“It is valuable for Turkey to be in a strong position in the Aegean and the Mediterranean, where tensions are sometimes high,” added the Turkish publication.

According to the news of TRT Haber it is vital for Turkey to be able to monitor in the Turkish Blue Motherland “underwater elements”.

“With the sonobuoy detection software, Koç Defense has not only closed a very critical gap in Turkey in this field, but also eliminated foreign dependence in such a sensitive area,” it is underlined.

To detect Greek submarines, sensors are used that listen to the noise they emit in the water and transmit them to other platforms on land, in the air or in the water. “These sensors are called sonoboys,” it states.

“First, we tested this system on our MELTEM aircraft and had success. Then we tested the Navy’s unmanned aerial vehicle. We succeeded in that as well,” noted Burcin Kayali, System Integration and Test Unit Manager at Koç Defense Company.

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