Turkey: Fapa in Syria – Fapa in Iraq – Caution in the Aegean

Turkey: Fapa in Syria – Fapa in Iraq – Be careful in the Aegean because Recep Tayyip Erdogan has something to sell inside (i.e. deep inside Turkey) of the country.

Iraq is deploying Russian Pantsir-S air defense systems north of the border “to destroy Turkish Bayraktar drones and helicopters of the Turkish Air Force,” writes the avia.pro agency.

After the attack on an Iraqi resort in northern Iraq, which was attributed to the Turks, Iraq decided to transfer “Russian Pantsir-S air defense missile systems” to its border with Turkey.

Pantsir-S have dismantled Bayraktar in Ukraine.

At the same time in Syria, the Turks have not yet started their much-publicized operation, since the Russians and Iranians have expressed their opposition to such a move.

The Turks want to increase the “security zone” they have created in northern Syria by turning against the Kurds.

With these and with… the others, only the Aegean (i.e. the Eastern Mediterranean, where the Americans have recently started to appear) has been left to Recep Tayyip Erdogan to sell… neo-Ottomanism to the Turks.

And as the Turks have announced around August 15, a Turkish drilling rig will go out to the Mediterranean for research.

We said after the… fapes, the Turkish president wants to have something to say to the Turks.

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