Turkey – Bahtceli “boils” with the Trabzonspor jersey that read “Ecumenical Patriarch”

He blows it and he doesn’t… the far-right Bakhtseli is getting cold with his Trabzonsport jersey “Ecumenical Patriarch” jersey for Bartholomew.

Turkey: Devlet Bakhceli confirmed his far-right face once again, after the images that went around Turkey and the world with the Trabzonspor jersey that read “Ecumenical Patriarch” and was given to Bartholomew.

As you read earlier in Sportime, Bartholomew went to Trebizond to perform a ritual at the Sumela Monastery.

Among those waiting for him was the Greek-speaking businessman Efkan Baskan from Tonia, the area with the Greek-speaking villages of Pontus.

Among other things, he offered the Patriarch a Trabzonspor jersey with his name on it, written in Greek on the back, “Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew”.

In fact, when Mr. Bartholomeos was asked which team will win the championship of the new season, he pointed to the scarf he wore around his neck, again referring to Trabzonspor.

Turkey: Bakhceli became… Turkish

The leader of the Turkish Nationalist Action Party (MHP) Devlet Bakhceli, upon learning of the incident, unleashed his well-known hatred for Greece and Christianity.

“There is neither an institution nor a job description that can be called ecumenical in Turkey,” Bakhceli pointed out that “the Romius Patriarch of Fanario is only a religious official connected to the Fatih District Office,” Bakhceli said bitterly.

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