Tsavousoglou in Greece: Demilitarize the islands now or we will raise the issue of sovereignty

The provocative crescendo continues from Turkey against Greece.

And today, Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoλουlu reiterated once again that Greece is violating the terms of the treaties and must proceed with their denationalization.

Otherwise, he warned, the debate over their sovereignty will begin.

This is not a position that Turkey is expressing for the first time. The latest, especially when presented by the Foreign Minister, is that Tsavousoglou, speaking to the Anantolou agency, went with maps and named the islands in which he sees a “problem”.

The islands shown on the map to have a problem are: Samothrace, Lemnos, Lesvos, Psara, Samos, Patmos, Ikaria, Leros, Kos, Tilos, Karpathos, Kastelorizo, Rhodes and Symi.

The Turkish Foreign Minister said something else also outrageous: “Greek politicians believe that they will not be satisfied with their audience if they do not attack Turkey 5-10 times a day.”

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