Treaty of Lausanne: How Erdogan will make Turkey lose its own islands to Greece instead of taking the Greek ones

Erdogan’s manipulations are capable of leading Turkey to opposite results

Treaty of Lausanne: The provocation chosen by Turkey in the Greek-Turkish issues has surpassed any precedent with Recep Tayyip Erdogan now openly questioning our national sovereignty.

However, the actions of the Turkish president may be capable of bringing opposite results to the neighboring country as it risks losing its own islands to Greece instead of taking the Greek ones.

Of course, all this can happen based on what is clearly stated in the Treaty of Lausanne, which it seems that Erdogan does not know very well.

As reports, Turkey may very soon face another issue that will lead it to an impasse and it will lose what it already has.

More specifically, we should not consider the islands that are less than 3 nautical miles (i.e. 3 X 1,852= 5,556) from the Turkish coast to be Turkish, but those that are less than 3 miles, i.e. 3 X 1,609,344 = 4,828, 032 meters. In other words, we have a difference of 728 meters.

Therefore the boundary defining which are the Turkish islands must go back 728 meters towards the Asia Minor coast. In simple words, this means that on the one hand, 11 islets and 14 rocks that we consider Turkish are not, and on the other hand, that Turkey in the Aegean is not entitled to have the 6 nm territorial waters it has, but the 3 nm in which the Treaty of Lausanne allows it to exercise sovereignty.

In particular, the islets of Moshonisi opposite Lesvos: Adiavatos, Gialonisi, Daskaleio, Eleos or Leos, Kalamaki or Kalamopoulos, Kalamos, Ulia, Pyrgos and the islets of Lagos-Mavreia: Drepano, Mavro, Praso and Feidonisi must not be Turkish.

By the same reasoning, the islets in the Sea of ​​Marmara and the Propontis that are more than 3 miles from the coast must be removed from the sovereignty of Turkey.

Thus, Erdogan may lose even what he has, falling into an unlikely blunder, in his attempt to raise his low percentages in the polls that speak of his crushing in the upcoming elections!

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