Training Using the Tactical Engagement Simulation System (SETE)

The General Staff of the Army, having set as its goal, the realistic training of the personnel of the Land Army, carries out Tactical Post-Troop Exercises (TAMS) with the aim of improving the fighting ability of the personnel of the Units and Annexes. Subunits. In dual-action TAMs trainees train against a real and active adversary and not just against targets. The above training is supported by the use of the Tactical Engagement Simulation System (SETE).

SETE is an important tool that links theoretical simulation training with real operations while personnel training is upgraded as it provides realism in a variety of tactical level procedures and the implementation of operational scenarios.

With the use of the system, the trainees are given the opportunity to perform all the procedures of tactical engagements, without the use of fire, while at the same time it is possible to criticize all the actions of the trainees at the end of the training.

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