Tragedy: The refrigerator “hit” the unlucky student’s carotid artery in the elevator

The unfortunate 26-year-old Panagiotis, originally from Kavala, met a horrible death half an hour after midnight when, with the help of a friend, he tried to lower a refrigerator with the elevator.

The 26-year-old student entered the elevator by himself holding the refrigerator, with the result that, from the turbulence that came from the movement of the elevator, the refrigerator crushed him “hitting” his carotid artery and the young man died a horrible death.

The unfortunate Panagiotis was a student in Serres while working as a delivery man in order to survive. Yesterday at midnight he wanted to move his things from his house to another apartment because he was going to move. Unfortunately, this move proved fatal for the unfortunate young man.

Men from the Serres Fire Department managed to free him and he was taken by an ambulance crew to the Serres General Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Preliminary investigation is carried out by the AT. Serron.

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