Tragedy in the Navy: Death of an executive mother of three children

Grace has put a good mark on the people of our country lately… This time it was Paraskevi (Evi) Petsala, aged only 51 years, who left us today…

Evi, daughter of our fellow villager Mary nee Panagiotis Kotsou (Forest) and Dimitris Petsala, was an active Navy officer and served in the Pentagon. Born in 1971, she married George Konstantinou and they had three wonderful children, the twins Tasos and Marios and the younger Dimitris. Three children who worshiped Saint Euthymia and we often met them in the village, especially in the summer.

Evi was a happy person, kind, loved the village and often gave her “present” at all times of the year. She was a very active girl, particularly athletic, she took part in amateur competitions, participated in rescue groups, went everywhere by bicycle.!! The last time we remember her coming to the General Assembly of the Association by bicycle! He led a particularly healthy life. And yet, this girl died at the age of 51 from a stroke…

She and her husband were told to spend a three-day rest in a hotel in Itea and there she suffered a stroke… It was the day the olive grove caught fire and some people said that the village might be in danger… It must have been the distress of what caused her the problem; Who knows;

Since then he was hospitalized at the Athens Naval Hospital, where he was transferred by ambulance from the Amfissa Hospital, without ever being able to recover and today he ended up…

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What can you really say when such young people pass away? What to say to her children, her husband, her parents, her siblings Viki and Ilias, relatives and friends? Just one word COURAGE, courage so that they can overcome their indescribable grief for the loss of Evie.

The funeral service will be sung in Athens. The day, time and church have not yet been determined. As soon as they become known we will inform you.

Heartfelt condolences to her family.

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