Time change: When do we switch to winter time – What will happen to the issue of abolition

Summer may not be over for many, but there are not a few who have returned from vacation and are wondering what will happen this year with the time change and whether we will go into winter time.

The time change is therefore expected to take place in 2022 on the last Sunday of October, specifically on 30/10/2022. On the night of the last Saturday in October, at 04:00 in the morning, we turn our clocks back one hour, to 03:00.

The issue of removing the time change has confused many, but it is a topic that seems to be frozen. According to a report last March in Euronews, in the United Kingdom and Germany, daylight savings time was introduced to save energy in World War I. It was abolished when the war ended, but returned in the 1980s when the need for savings returned due to the global oil crisis.

Since 2002, all European Union countries – except Iceland – have had to adjust their clocks on the last Sunday in March and October.

But in 2018, the European Parliament voted to abolish the twice-yearly time change. The decision came after a poll of 4.6 million EU citizens showed strong support for repealing the measure.

After the vote, the decision went to the European Council to be implemented. However, he said he could not get rid of the time change without an impact assessment from the European Commission. The changes were due to take place by 2021, but the debate over who was responsible reached an impasse just before the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

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Brexit also complicated the matter with the possibility of different eras in the Republic of Ireland and British-ruled Northern Ireland.

At the moment there does not seem to be enough support for the European Commission’s proposal and at this point, it is unclear when, if ever, the EU will get rid of the measure.

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