Thrace’s “mutilation” plan – Ankara organizations “secured”: “Greece is attacking us, we are marginalized”!

Organizations in Thrace that belong to Ankara made a provocative statement!

Apparently there is a plan and that is clear.
What they say:

“A scandalous statement was made by the vice-president of the Parliament of Athanasios about the deputies of the “Turkish” minority.

The vice president of the Parliament Athanasiou used scandalous words about the deputies of the “Turkish” minority. Vice President Charalambos Athanasiou said in a TV show, “Suppose a member of parliament has a completely different religious orientation than the Orthodox. Let’s say a Muslim MP from Northern Greece, we’re not saying he exists for God’s sake, but we don’t know where the immigrants will enter the neighboring country (Turkey) etc. Assuming you’re giving information, why not check him out? The use of the phrase “national security is a priority here” attracted attention and caused a backlash.

First of all, the reaction of the “Turkish” Minority of Western Thrace came from Halit Habipoğlu, President of the European “Turkish” Federation of Western Thrace (ABTTF). President Habipoğlu said: “Do our “Turkish” minority MPs sound like a threat? In his written statement, Habipoğlu said: “I am sorry to say that this perception is not limited to Athanasios!

The mentality of the state, the perception in today’s politics and the opinion of the media are the same! We are marginalized! They don’t see us as part of this country, they don’t treat us as such! The state’s minority policy from the past to the present is a reflection of this understanding and attitude!”

“Greece is not an EU country but a banana republic?” What should we understand from Athanasios’ statement?’

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Halit Habipoğlu, President of the European “Turkish” Federation of Western Thrace (ABTTF), said: “The statement of Haralambos Athanasios is completely scandalous! Greece is not an EU country but a banana republic? What should we understand from Athanasius’ statement? Are our Members of Parliament being listened to as an element of danger, for reasons of national security? First of all, legal wiretapping for reasons of national security does not show that it is legitimate! The main thing is that Athanasiou shows our “Turkish” MPs in the parliament as an example of how MPs can be heard legally, which clearly shows his opinion about the Turkish society of Western Thrace and our MPs who represent our society. in parliament.”

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