Thousands of conscripted Russian soldiers are poorly equipped

Several of the many thousands of troops newly recruited by Russia who have been deployed to the front line in Ukraine in recent weeks are poorly equipped and likely to carry weapons that are in an unusable condition, British intelligence analysts say.

The Kremlin ordered a partial mobilization of some 300,000 reservists in September, but according to a Defense Ministry briefing, they may be using weapons from the 1950s as Moscow uses strained logistics systems.

According to the same source, these reservists have been equipped with rifles released in the middle of the last century. The intelligence agency’s update, posted on Twitter, said: “In September, Russian officials expressed concern that some recently recruited reservists had arrived in Ukraine without weapons.”

“Publicly available images suggest that these rifles, with which the conscripted reservists have been equipped, are typically of the Kalashnikov type, a weapon first released in 1959. Many are likely in an unusable condition after being stored wrongly”.

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