This is the new “weapon” of the Turks in the Aegean – The plan to hit Greece

The new unmanned aerial vehicle Bayraktar TB3 is coming, successor to TB2, which “starred” in the conflicts of Nagorno-Karabakh and Libya.

Greek-Turkish: As Turkey brags about its new missile with which it threatens Greece, Baykar Defense is now developing its new Bayraktar TB3 unmanned aerial vehicle.

The Turkish defense company, known for manufacturing and developing the Bayraktar TB2 drone, which has “starred” in the conflicts in Nagorno-Karabakh, Libya and most recently in Ukraine, has released details of its upcoming drone for use by its navy. country.

It is therefore a significantly larger version of the TB2 with a gross take-off weight of 1,450 kg (with the TB2 being at 650), with a 24-hour stay in the air, folding wings to make it manageable in the Anadolu environment, and an increased maximum flight height .

The large increase in weight and the allusion to a higher maximum altitude in all probability also means changing the engine with a stronger one and of course a greater carrying capacity of weapon systems and surveillance and targeting systems, as in a related slide you can see 6 suspension points under the wings.

In terms of engines, however, there are Turkish development and manufacturing programs as well as a communication channel with the Ukrainian company Motor Sich, which currently supplies the Akinci, i.e. Baykar’s twin-engine drone, with turboprop engines.

At the same time, the TB3 will be able from Anadolu to act cooperatively with the MIUS, which is also intended to join the ship.

All this, of course, with the neighboring country apparently successfully testing the Turkish TAYFUN (Typhoon) ballistic missile.

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