This is Putin’s new general on the Ukrainian front

General Sergei Surovikin is taking command of all Russian military forces involved in Ukraine, the country’s Ministry of Defense said in a statement today (October 8, 2022).

Vladimir Putin’s deployment of the general to the Ukrainian battlefield follows the removal, as reported earlier this week, of the two commanders from a total of five military commands in Russia.

Sergei Vladimirovich Surovikin has given his… credentials, as he is a powerful man in the Russian military. In his 35-year career in the Russian military, he has been awarded the title of “Hero of the Russian Federation” (informal title: Hero of Russia) and has commanded Russian military forces when Moscow became involved in the Syrian civil war.

Under Surovikin’s command, the Assad government achieved a major turning point in the fight against its rivals in the civil war, regaining more than 50% of control of Syria by the end of 2017 after a series of successful military campaigns. According to military experts, it was Surovikin who managed to turn the tide of the war in Syria.

“Extremely corrupt and brutal”

Commenting on the deployment of the new general of Russian troops on the Ukrainian front, Max Shenton, director of the Financial Times bureau in Moscow, speaks of an “extremely corrupt and brutal” military, even by the standards of the Russian army.

The FT’s director in Moscow cites information from the British Ministry of Defence.

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