They’ve had a big miss with the F-16s! Difficult days are coming, the Turks admit

Palon: Time for Erdogan to take NATO membership seriously – Turkish columnist: Only solution is to bring our National Fighter Aircraft as soon as possible.

On the occasion of yesterday’s New York Times article about Erdogan, we had a new comment from the frontman of the “wreck” of the Turkish F-16s, Senator Frank Pallone.

Specifically it states:

It is clear that the US and NATO cannot trust Erdogan to act consistently in the interests of the alliance. That is exactly why I led the House of Representatives to vote on an amendment to block the sale of F-16 fighter jets to Turkey. It is time for Erdogan to get serious about joining NATO.

However, it is worth noting that from the recent statements of the “sultan” it became clear that he is betting on the victory of the Republicans in the Senate in the November mid-term elections.

The real problem

The well-known Turkish journalist Metehan Demir returns to the F-16 issue. In today’s article after quoting what has happened so far, he emphasizes that “the situation is already unpleasant so far and we will see together how the situation in the US Senate will develop from now on. However, when we see the large number of votes cast in a motion against Turkey in the House of Representatives, it is inevitable that an unpleasant picture will emerge in the Senate as well.”

According to him the real problem is the following:

This shows us how harsh is the double standard applied to Turkey and that the upcoming crisis in Turkish-American relations will also arise through the F-16s.

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Now let’s ask this question. Has the United States made a request to its own Congress, namely the House of Representatives and the Senate, that it will not use it against Turkey for the F-16 fighter jets or any weapon system it has sold to Greece?

In addition, he touched on the sale of F-35 planes to Greece, which was not even mentioned in the program, since Turkey was not given the right to F-35 planes under the guise of S400 missiles purchased from Russia.

Let’s continue: He stood up to Greece in all these proceedings and stipulated that “You will respect international law against Turkey and will not use these weapons for anything, including the disarmament of the islands and airspace violations”?

Think about it, you can’t buy F-35 planes from the consortium you deserve and are a part of. You agree to buy F-16s.

Your money stays in the United States. At the very least, you’re trying to buy 16 fighter jets saying I’ll close the current gap in your air force’s strategic perception. But at the same time you are faced with an incredible condition that you will not use them against Greece or you will be very careful. Meanwhile, Greece is doing all kinds of violations in our airspace.

The agenda is very busy in Turkey, but the details show us the steps of major crises ahead.

Let’s see how this thing will be solved shall we?

If US President Joe Biden pulls a rabbit out of the hat and solves this problem with a fair approach, otherwise the crisis is just around the corner. Our only solution is to bring our National Fighter Aircraft to life as soon as possible. This is critical to minimize foreign dependency.

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Mobility in Souda

And while all this is happening with the F-16s, movement is recorded for another day in Souda.

It is recalled that on Thursday, July 21, 2022, the Bilateral Interdisciplinary Joint Training of Greece and the USA was completed under the name “POSEIDON’S RAGE 22”, which took place in various regions of the country and is the second of its series.

The Joint Training was a LIVEX (Live Exercise) type and aimed to train the participants in advanced cross-branch operational scenarios of escalating intensity and complexity in a multiple threat environment, to increase the combat capability and improve the level of interoperability of the Greek and US Armed Forces.

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