They have freaked out in Turkey! American & Greek tanks 50 km from our border are preparing suspicious scenarios

The Turks are having nightmares with the “OLYMPIC COOPERATION-22” exercise

On Saturday 08 October 2022, the opening ceremony of the Post-Troop Tactical Exercise (TAMS), “OLYMPIC COOPERATION-22″ (OLYMPIC COOPERATION-22), was held in Petrochori, Xanthi, with the participation of units of the 71 Airborne Brigade (71 A/M TAX PONTOS”), of the XXV Armored Brigade (XXV TTHT “2nd CAVALRY REGIMENT – EPHESOS”), of the 1st Army Aviation Brigade (1st CLASS “KILKIS LAHANA”) and parts of the 101st Airborne Division of the USA. Cyprus and Egypt will participate in the exercise with Observer status.

“OLYMPIC COOPERATION – 22”, which will be completed on October 21, 2022, is a bilateral TAMS of the level of the Tactical Group of Medium Tank Command (TC EMA). During the exercise, which will be conducted using real fire and Tactical Engagement Simulation Systems (SETS), offensive and defensive operations will be examined.

The Turkish press sees nightmares and scenarios against Turkey

The Turks through their press, however, consider the military exercise at this given moment of tension with Greece, as a provocation, and with pride they report about American and Greek tanks “near their borders”.

Specifically, they state that “the joint Greek-US exercise is taking place in Xanthi, as tension escalates in the Aegean, and both countries have started a joint military exercise in Western Thrace, 50 kilometers from the Turkish border.

It was announced that the joint military exercise “Olympic Cooperation 22”, which started yesterday, is taking place at the shooting range in the village of Kayalar (Petrohori), which belongs to the 4th Army Corps based in Xanthi.

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Tanks and helicopters are participating in the exercise while 200 American soldiers of the 1st Battalion of the 502nd Regiment of the 2nd Battle Group of the 101st Airborne Division.

According to the Turkish newspaper Sözcü, in addition to Leopard and Abrams tanks, Skorsky, Apache, Kiowa Warriors, and Chinook helicopters also participate in the exercise.

Before the exercise, the flags of the two countries were raised and the US commander said: “The commitment of the US to defend NATO territory is as solid as iron.

The United States will continue to strengthen its posture to better defend its NATO Allies.”

Reinforcement of the Evros border by Greece puts an end to the Turkish plans

Greek armored vehicles will patrol 24 hours a day, especially in the 46 km long border area where a steel fence has been constructed.

In a related announcement, it was announced that a new fence and electronic sound and light system in the border area of ​​Evros will be put into operation in the coming days to be used for migrants.

Greece has decided to extend the steel fence on the borders of the Evros River by 46 kilometers, reaching 142 kilometers,” the Turkish article concludes.

In the joint Greece-US exercise, several military scenarios will be implemented at the Petrochori firing range in Xanthi with the participation of Greek Leopard tanks, American M1A2 ABRAMS tanks and Apache and Kiowa Warrior attack helicopters.

The exercise will once again use the river Nestos, where the armed forces of the two countries will be intensively trained.

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Of course, the presence of the USA in Thrace causes turmoil in Ankara and its plans in the region of Western Thrace.

The Americans are preparing their forces for all possible scenarios after the Turks are reportedly threatening Greek islands while Turkish commandos conduct island-occupation exercises.

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