They all change to Ebro islands with the German & American tanks

Cosmogony in the Greek armed forces will bring even greater unity and confidence to the Greek society that all Turkish threats will be exterminated immediately

The Turks have become “gunpowder” again with the new Greek equipment package of armored combat vehicles and the upgrade of the LEOPARD 2 HELL tanks, which concerns Evros and the islands, despite all the incorrect statements of many experts and those outside the country, who constantly forget that Turkey is threatening Greece in an unprecedented way for the first time since 1974.

No more lies, there is no place for petty partisanship or any other political confrontation, from what is already being implemented with the rapid strengthening of the Greek forces and the Three Branches, because it is absolutely documented that we will fight alone against a country of 80 million plus, if and if required, and all the other friends and allies, will initially be satisfied with very “strong statements of support”, which will not, however, prevent any Turkish provocation.

This is why a huge technological revolution was decided in the Greek infantry as well, after years of inaction and failures, with the entry of German and American armored vehicles (tracked and wheeled), vertically upgrading the lethality and effectiveness of the Greek ground forces.

American wheeled armored vehicles already equipping our islands Information indicates that we have received from the USA 800 of the total of 1,200 M1117 Wheeled Armored Reconnaissance Vehicles, which are gradually being channeled to our islands.

These are weapons systems that will multiply the power, speed and lethality of the Greek forces, in any Turkish scenario of the type “we will come some night”.

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At speed, these vehicles will transport armored Greek infantrymen to each coast, which may be a target of the “enemies” from the other side, who, during this special period, are conducting simulation exercises of occupying an island with amphibious actions, in combination with reserve readiness exercises.

Functionally, and with low maintenance costs, the M-1117s will play a leading role in any threatening scenario against our islands, timely repelling any possible enemy action on a coast, which is enhanced by the wheeled version of this vehicle.

German TOMA Marder-1 and Lynx KF-41

The imminent supply of 100 German TOMA Marder-1, will give the possibility to upgrade our armored Brigades, which suffered so much with the M-113A2, which may have been good for their time (40 years), but today they are considered obsolete and inconvenient.

The 205 TOMA Lynx KF-41 will give us “wings” on our feet

The agreement between Greece and Germany is in all probability said to have been finalized, and concerns at least 200 state-of-the-art Lynx KF-41 TOMAs.

It is the most modern armored combat vehicle of our time, which will give “wings” to the Greek motorized infantry, equipping the cutting-edge brigades of the 4th army corps in Western Thrace.

But at the same time, the big deal seems to have included the modernization of a large number of tanks of the Army, specifically 183 Leopard 2 as well as 190 Leopard 1A5.

We are talking about real cosmogony for the Greek armed forces, which had to see new vehicles and weapon systems for 30 years to such an extent and degree.

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At the same time, the Turks, according to unconfirmed information, are doubling the production of the defense industry, with all kinds of weapon systems, despite the economic collapse of their economy, because they are aiming somewhere.

They demand co-management in the Aegean, control of huge sea areas under which there are deposits, while they also talk about islands that are allegedly “under Greek occupation”, in a shameless and provocative way, writing the international treaties (Lausanne-Paris) on the oldest of their shoes , while “simultaneously lionizing” in EU and USA.

The political world and the citizens must deeply understand the terribly suspicious game that is being played at this given time in the Asia Minor region, in which presidential elections are coming and the Erdogan regime will either win them, or the Gulenists will be released from prisons, for the Islamists to enter together with the Erdoğan family who have been occupying his country for years.

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