Thessaloniki: Renewed appearance of the PZ in the military parade of October 28 with Marder 1A3 of the 645 MTP

From Savvas D. Vlassis

The differentiated presence that the Infantry (PZ) will have in the military parade of October 28, was recorded in the test parade held today in Thessaloniki.

This year’s Infantry Weapons (PZ) will be “adorned” by the presence of the Marder 1A3 Armored Combat Vehicle that just arrived in the country a few days ago. The personnel riding the new TOMAs carried the insignia of the XXV Infantry Brigade based in Petrochori Xanthi, therefore the 645th Motorized Infantry Battalion is equipped with the new material.

In the test parade, 5 of the new TOMAs appeared, as 6 have been received and today as we write, another 4 are expected. The 5 Marder 1A3s that will be paraded are painted in the standard camouflage scheme of the Hellenic Army and are complete, with a remote controlled MG3 machine gun of 7.62 mm in the turret carried to the left of the 20 mm Rh 202 gun and 6 76 mm smoke launchers.

The Marder 1A3s are preceded by a Motorized Infantry Company with 11 M113A1 Armored Personnel Carriers, which have been fitted in recent years with a protective shield in place of the machine gunner who operates the 12.7mm M2HB heavy machine gun. The difference in the presence of the Motorized Infantry Company, is that in the open hatches of the personnel transport compartment are 4 hoplites equipped with G3 rifles and Minimi light machine guns. In the past, the TOMs paraded with a two-member crew only. On the armament of the men, in particular, Red Dot-type quick-sighting binoculars are carried on the rifles, while in the case of the machine guns, NS 685 night-sighting binoculars are carried.

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The same arrangement has been made in the Marder 1A3 Mechanized Infantry Platoon, where two hoplites appear in the open hatches.

Personnel appearance includes face covering and helmet-worn AN/PVS-14 night vision binoculars. All parading personnel, regardless of Weapon, carry the new Armored Carrier type combat gear that has been adopted in recent years.

In the vehicle sector, M1117 Wheeled Armored Reconnaissance Vehicles will also appear in the Thessaloniki parade.


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