These two Israeli vehicles are the potential replacements for the Canadians (Images)

These are the StormRider and Hyrax 4×4 armored wheeled vehicles of the Israeli defense company Plasan.

The Mercedes G-Class, known to the Greek army as Canadians, have been serving the military needs of our country for many consecutive decades. As we mentioned in a related article, the Greek army has decided to replace many old vehicles, one of them being the German-made Mercedes G-Class.

Of course, the final replacement or replacements for the Canadians will consist of different versions to serve the different needs of the Greek forces. Chief among them is personnel transportation.

One of the vehicles that has piqued the interest of the Greek army seems to be the Hyrax of the Israeli company Plasan. The four-wheel drive vehicle is lightly armored, weighs 4.8 tons and, according to the manufacturer, demonstrates impressive agility. One of the characteristics that theoretically show its high agility is the fact that it can move on a surface with a maximum slope of 80% and a maximum lateral slope of 54%.

One of the major advantages of the Hyrax is that it is based on Mercedes’ new G300 CDI Rolling Chassis. In this way, Plasan ensures that its product will reliably meet every requirement of its customers.

The vehicle’s armor can protect the driver and passengers from bullets, small projectiles and armor-piercing ammunition, covering the level of protection STANAG 4549 Level 1. Of course, this applies to the basic formation, since there is also the possibility of covering the level STANAG Level 2 with optional upgrade.

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On the roof is an armored mount to protect the gunner or to install Remotely Controlled Stabilized Weapon Mounts (RWS), which can include a light or heavy machine gun and optronics package.


Although the Hyrax sounds like a very good option, Plasan has released an equally quality solution. The StormRider is the result of 15 years of development of the Israeli defense company’s SandCat vehicles. Of course, the new vehicle differs in many areas from the older 4×4 wheeled vehicles.

Its weight has increased to 11.5 tonnes, but internally we find the same Ford F550 engine as the SandCat. Of course, with a new transmission system and better quality suspensions, the StormRider guarantees better agility and performance on difficult terrains.

Its fuselage covers Level 3 protection, with further enhancements and upgrades available. The StormRider has room to carry up to 10 soldiers, with entry and exit through four side doors, a rear door and a hatch in the roof. Each side has openings for passengers to fire their individual weapons, and there is also the option to install a remote-controlled weapon mount.

The 330 hp engine ensures a top speed of 105 km/h and the vehicle’s ability to cope with surfaces with a maximum slope of 60% and a maximum lateral roll of 35%.

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