The valuable knowledge of the Greeks in Bayraktar – They are asked for advice

The valuable knowledge of the Greeks in Bayraktar and why other countries ask them for advice.

The Turks have made advances in drones and UAVs (including stolen Israeli technology) as a result of which they are dropping more and more Bayraktars on the battlefields and in their areas of interest.

After Libya, Syria, Iraq, Nagorno-Karabakh and Ukraine, Turkish drones are doing golden… jobs, since new orders for the purchase of Bayraktars from foreign countries are constantly increasing.

And this is where Greece comes to play a role.

In the Aegean, from 2021 to 2022 there has been a 182% increase in Bayraktar violations.

The Greek air defense (Patriot, Velos, Crotale, OSA-AK, TOR-M1, S-300) constantly monitors the Turkish Bayraktars which are locked and intercepted.

This is a reality in the Aegean, which will not change in the near future.

For this reason, Greece has also proceeded with planning the placement of an anti-drone umbrella on the islands and Evros.

One news that has been passed on high is that Pakistan also wishes to supply Turkish Bayraktars.

This development brought to the surface another dimension of the issue of Turkish drone violations in the Aegean.

The Indian Air Force chief is likely to visit Greece, with noting that Greece and India can “cooperate on anti-drone defense technologies to counter the drone threat from Turkey.” and Pakistan”.

According to the publication, initially, Greece “could share data on the flight characteristics and radar signature of Turkish-made drones with India, as the Greek military must have gathered important information about Turkish drones regularly flying over Greek islands”.

The experience that Greece gathers is the positive from the Turkish violations and this experience will be requested by other allied countries as well.

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