“The US will invade Turkey through Greece”

Unbelievable claims against Greece and the USA by the Turkish expert on security and terrorism, Joskun Basbug, who “sees” an attack by American forces in his country, through … Alexandroupolis.

Speaking on the CNN Turk network, and not on some fringe television station, Basbug went so far as to defiantly claim that the US is using Greece to hit Turkey militarily.

“Here America is preparing to attack Turkey, there is an attack plan, there is a behind-the-scenes plan for an invasion attempt.

“That’s why we talked a lot about Alexandroupoli and settled on it.

“Because in the event that Turkey does a military operation, the first direction of approach from land is this area we are discussing,” said the Turkish expert, having in front of him the map with the American presence on Greek soil.

He characterized the USA and Greece as “200-year-old” states that Turkey “is not going to fall into their trap” as he characteristically stated.

“The founding dates of these states are one in 1771 and the other in 1821.

»In other words, these are both 200-year-old states.

“If these states here were smart, they would know that Turkey sees this trap and is not going to fall into it,” said Basbug, who previously claimed that the US: “They are preparing Mitsotakis for the role of Zelensky.”

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