The US Pentagon is campaigning to improve energy resilience

Booz Allen Hamiltona Virginia-based consulting firm, will assess the energy vulnerabilities of the United States Department of Defense (DoD).

The agency will determine DOD requirements for energy resilience projects and identify third-party funding sources for energy resilience and security projects.

The contract is valued at $28.8 million and work will be performed in Arlington, Virginia with an estimated completion date of December 12, 2026.

Strengthening the defense industrial base

The Biden administration has launched a campaign to strengthening the US defense industrial base. America’s national strategy has focused on capability, and to achieve this, the administration has emphasized the need to give the private sector the means to achieve a competitive military advantage on the world stage.

When pumping cash into emerging technologies – such as Artificial Intelligence and hypersonics – anticipates certain industry needs, the government must also fuel these new innovative weapon systems.

Establishing an independent foundation for these technologies builds on America’s energy resilience. Work has already been done on this with talks of exploring the country’s lithium for batteries and semiconductor components, among other things.

Energy durability requirements

The The DoD outlines some of their requirements for energy resilience. Designing for energy resilience:

  • Promoting the use of multiple and diverse energy sources.
  • Promote the deployment of cyber-resilient microgrids to ensure mission-critical energy security and energy resiliency;
  • Favor the use of full-time installed energy sources instead of emergency generation.
  • By the end of fiscal year 2030, provide that 100% of the energy load required to sustain the critical missions of each DoD installation has a minimum availability level of 99.9% per fiscal year or higher availability as provided in this memorandum. including.

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