The US Army is turning rifles into “hunter-drone” (video)

Supply of the Israeli SMASH 2000L digital system

The US military has finally procured Israel’s Smart Shooter SMASH 2000L digital fire control system. The company is also touting it as an anti-drone system, something already in use by the US Army and Marines with older versions of SMASH 2000.

The SMASH 2000L with the ‘L’ standing for ‘light’ is designed to be mounted on individual weapons to enable the user to engage fast moving targets with the aid of the system’s onboard computer.

The newest version is the SMASH 3000 so it is also referred to as the SMASH 2000L/3000 in the market. The attack was carried out as part of the anti-drone program of the US Army counter-small unmanned aerial systems (C-sUAS) with the first user of course being the Marines of the Smart Shooter

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